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Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster


Young, chubby and delicious Tessa Orlov is doing some light dusting at the XLGirls studio. The body of a comatose man lying on the couch doesn't get in Tessa's way. She dusts him too. Lowering her dress to show her large, soft and big tits, Tessa dusts Michael's bulge, then reaches out to rub it. Best man alarm clock in the world, in our opinion. Michael opens his eyes, sees pretty Tessa hovering over him and stiffens. She sits on the couch, her face a few inches from his pole. She takes it in her mouth, licks it and sucks on it, first slowly, then faster. He holds her by the head and pumps her mouth. She takes half of it down the hatch and holds for a few seconds. Michael taps her tits and tongue with his meat hammer, a move that guys only do in porn or copy from porn studs. Tessa drools on his cock. He sticks it inside her cleavage and fucks her tits. They swap positions. Tessa kneels before a sitting Michael and rubs his dick between her breasts. Their breathing becomes faster and faster. She spits on his boner and sucks it some more. Tessa waits for Michael to guide her. He turns her around, her ass facing him. Pulling down her panties, he steers his pussy poker into Tessa and fucks her hard and fast. Her tits shake and jiggle as he thrusts in and out of her. Tessa uses her hand to rub her clit to increase her pleasure. She cries and moans with pleasure and that makes Michael lose it, nutting Tessa's outstretched tongue and chest.

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