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Scarlet Red: All You Want. All You Need.


Scarlet Red knew about The SCORE Group. No introduction was needed. One of her friends was a SCORE Girl. Scarlet decided she wanted to go for it herself. When we saw the at-home snaps she sent, it was a no-brainer decision to set up a shoot. Scarlet enjoys traveling, reading and drawing. She's an artist and makes jewelry and ornaments. "I am a creative person," said Scarlet. "I like to make things with my hands." "I don't think I need to do or wear anything to emphasize my breasts. They attract attention on their own. Sometimes the attention is actually frustrating at times when I want to be taken seriously. If I need to bring attention to them, I wear anything with a low-cut neckline." No matter where she is or what she's wearing, Scarlet attracts attention and creates interest. Her tan-lined boobs are phenomenal, as is the rest of her spectacular body. Scarlet is one of those super-endowed hard to find, and when one of them wants to show it all on-camera, it's go time. "It's impossible to find bras that I like and which fit me properly. I'm always wearing smaller bras because it's not possible to find the size that fits. The right size. Swimsuits, also. And it's just impossible to find a dress that fits well. It's a struggle. Lingerie, too, is very difficult to find. In everyday life, I wear sports bras mostly, but I have to wear several to keep them from moving and bouncing. It's not easy but it is possible."

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