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Marina Morris: Poolside Pickup


Bikini girl Marina Morris is up for a day at the pool in her apartment complex. When she goes to the pool area, she sees that Berry is hanging out in the water. Then when she checks him out some more, she sees that he's not wearing any swim trunks. That gets the chunky doll excited. Berry thought no one would be coming to the pool, but fortunately for him, Marina is a horny, thick girl and loves to get picked up for casual sex. He knows he's lucky because another girl might have seen him naked in the pool and made her exit. But Marina sits on the edge of the pool and makes an eye-banging connection, checking out his package. Young Marina reaches out to wrap her pretty little hands around his cock, then wraps her pretty mouth around it. Berry suggests they go to a deck chair. He gets her bikini off so he can check out her big tits and ass. Marina motions that she wants to go inside and get out of the sun. She takes him by the dick and walks him to her place. They go straight to the couch so Marina can resume her blow job. A girl with sexy eyes, Marina Morris has a sweet habit of looking at the video camera with dick in her mouth. Holding him by the balls, Marina smokes his cock, licking and sucking the bloated shaft and making popping sounds. Marina is a compliant, quiet girl, and she'll do anything her fuck buddy wants to do to her. Offering her big boobs for a tit-fuck, Marina cups her breasts, mashing his dick and bending her head forward to lick the tip of his cock. Berry pumps Marina's tits, then pulls her on top of his lap, facing him. She takes his boner in her hand and guides it up her needy pussy. It's time for a couch dance without the music.

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