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Laura Tithapia’s Feeling Deep Vibrations


A cheery and smiling girl, Laura Tithapia is able to juggle taking economics classes at a university and making hot videos. Like some American girls who earn money for tuition by stripping and video and photo modeling or porn, Laura does the same in her country. When she wants to relax, Laura watches movies and writes. Maybe one day she'll write about her sexual adventures in the studios and in her everyday life. We know she must have a hundred hot stories to tell about her experiences fucking studs and playing with her big, bouncy tits. She said she masturbates every day. When Laura leaves her home, she usually wears long dresses. While she enjoys fucking and masturbating on-camera and finds it thrilling, she doesn't think of herself as an exhibitionist and doesn't look to attract attention to herself when she is in public.

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