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Latina Vixen Thayana Likes It Lusty


Thayana is dressed for success and hot sex. Vincent watches Thayana off-camera as she shows off her curves, big, natural tits and shapely butt cheeks. Thayana offers him her boobs for a licking so Vincent dives right in to taste her sweet nipples. She watches his breast play with a smile. Thayana turns around to offer him ass. He helps take off her panties, and when she bends over, he puts two fingers up her pussy followed by his tongue. Thayana turns around and opens her pretty mouth for cock. Vincent holds her head as she sucks and swirls her tongue around his dick. Drool drips on her bare tits. She looks up at him with a smile, ready for more. Standing up, Thayana has Vincent sit back so she can sit on his dick and bounce on it. He squeezes and rubs her large, soft sucklers and sinks his fingers into her breast flesh as she dances on his pole. Vincent gives the curvy doll a slap on the ass and has her stand up and bend over. He slides his cock into her soaked pussy from behind and fucks her fast and hard. Thayana looks back at him with a pleading expression as Vincent thrusts in and out of her tight coochie.

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