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Katie Black: Bouncy & Bubbly


Katie Black is so lively and fun, she practically leaps out of the screen into your lap. And wouldn't that be nice. Katie is a friend of Mia Sweetheart. They both have that special bouncy, happy personality. After Katie's sexy show, she answers a few questions and then measures herself. Katie likes to watch movies and spend time with her girlfriends. When she's home, she enjoys relaxing and watching a horror movie. We'll bet that if she's watching one with someone, she grabs that person during the shock moments. And wouldn't that be nice to experience. "My special talent is being sexy," said Katie and that's the truth. She doesn't seem the type but she said she loves BDSM although she didn't go into detail. Katie rubs her pink pussy nice and hard after she plays with her big tits. She masturbates a few times a day, and both fingers and toys are fine with her. It depends on how she feels at the time. Katie has big things ahead of her and they measure 43 inches.

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