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Is It Hot in Here or is It Amber Marie?


In the beginning, Canadian hottie Amber Marie posted one photo on Reddit. The reaction it inspired from horny dudes gave Amber a rush so she kept on posting photos. Now she does photo sets and videos and she's very good at them. We learned about Amber Marie when her friend sent her a link to Her huge boobs and her overall attractive look plus her natural rapport with the camera made us fans too. In this video, Amber gets playfully hot in the kitchen. XLGirls: Do you do things at home like cleaning or watching TV topless or naked? Amber Marie: As soon as I walk through my door, I immediately get naked. Clothes are way too restricting. XLGirls: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it? Amber Marie: All the time. Even in public, I'll catch myself. It's definitely a comfort thing and it feels pretty good too! XLGirls: Do you ever store things in your cleavage? Amber Marie: I have been bad and snuck alcohol into a concert. A flask fits perfectly in my cleavage. What can I say? XLGirls:Do you always wear a bra? Amber Marie: I don't always wear a bra. If I'm running errands, I usually just wear a tank top with a little support built in or just let them bounce and jiggle around! I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I enjoy the attention! I will wear a bra if I'm leaving my house for a long time or If I feel my outfit would look better with my breasts lifted and pushed together

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