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Lovely Monica Love visits our ladies' spa and checks out all the goodies including a wand vibrator left on the massage table. That thing can do quite a number on a girl's clitoris and nipples. That intrigues Monica. She turns it on and rubs it on herself while she's still dressed. Yes, that will do. She's feeling those good vibrations! And she wants more. Monica disrobes, revealing her hills and valleys, her big, juicy tits and round ass, her plump belly and sexy, well-shaped legs. Monica knows the power she holds to create hard wood when men see her videos and photos... and she likes it. Monica creams her big tits and rubs the lotion in well. She gets on the massage table and turns on the wand again rubbing it all over her body, her boobs and pussy. Her nipples get hard from the vibes. Fingering her pussy while vibrating her clit makes Miss Love cum fast and loud while she looks straight in the camera, her mouth forming an "O" for orgasm.

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