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Give It Up To Xena Zoraki


Horny XL Girl Xena Zoraki needs some hot lovin'. She can't be left stranded and alone. Xena's as sexy as fuck wearing a man's dress shirt, and she loves how her sweater-stretching tits look with it on. She's going to blow your mind and a whole lot more. Get ready for some Xena-style sucking and fucking that'll leave you exhausted. XLGirls: Xena, do you have any fantasies? Xena Zoraki: I have fantasies of being shared by multiple partners all at once. If things got rough and they all came in me, I would melt. XLGirls: Now, in this video, your tits get a big load of cum on them. You get some cum in your mouth also that you spit on your tits. When you give blow jobs, do you usually spit or swallow? Xena Zoraki: I do both. If the cum smells and tastes sweet, I will slurp it all down XLGirls: Are you assertive or passive? Xena Zoraki: I can switch and be both.

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