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Nicole Colina sends out shock waves of pleasure every time she appears at XLGirls. In this scene, she has a gleam in her bright eyes as she strokes, sucks and squeezes Mr. Cock between her huge tits. While she's occupied, Mr. Cock rubs and sinks his fingers into Nicole's soft breast flesh. Nicole sits on his pole, taking in every inch and wildly bouncing her giant boobs. She lies on her back so Mr. Cock can get on top of her and ram into her pussy. Nicole holds her quivering tits as she's fucked hard. XLGirls: What motivated you to model? Nicole Colina: I have always liked photographs and fashion. XLGirls: What kind of work did you do before deciding to model? Nicole Colina: I worked in a bar serving drunks. XLGirls: Has any model inspired you? Nicole Colina: Mia Khalifa. XLGirls: Were you ever an exotic dancer before becoming a model? Nicole Colina: I have never been a dancer. XLGirls: Do you like having your breasts sucked hard or gently? Nicole Colina: Hard. XLGirls: You can suck your own nipples? Nicole Colina: Yes, perfectly. XLGirls: What makes your nipples hard? Nicole Colina: The cold, caressing and kissing.

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