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Diana Eisley The Hidden Gem


Brimming with sex appeal of the innocent kind and youthful freshness, blessed with soft, generous curves and big, pillowy tits, Diana Eisley is the ultimate example of random events leading to a great discovery. If one of our always-alert model finders hadn't decided to have dinner at a specific restaurant at a specific day and time and Diana hadn't been working as a hostess on that day, we would never have known what a gem was hidden in our neighborhood. Poured into a tight red dress, Diana takes you into the bathroom. She wants to show you something you'll love. For a girl who'd thought about being a model but never actively pursued becoming one, Diana's loaded with talent and skills on par with very experienced girls. "I realized that big boobs are special when I walked down the street and every single guy was looking down there instead of at my face. I actually had to say 'My eyes are up here' to somebody. This guy was talking to me. We were talking about manga, one of my favorite things to read. So we were talking and I noticed that his eyes were slowly going down, and I'm looking right at him, because eye contact is a nice thing to do when you're talking to somebody, and I literally went, 'Hi.' I bent down and said, 'Hi.'"

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