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Deep Inside Kelli


"His dick is really big and I think he might cum on my face. He might fuck my huge tits. I'm really excited. Kinda nervous," said Kelli Maxx before this scene began. Juan greets Kelli. She's been waiting, sitting on the bed in a sheer negligee. Juan makes a beeline for Kelli's big boobs. "Gonna be nice?" Kelly asks. Kelli gets on her hands and knees and takes his member in her mouth, licking and sucking it. Largo takes Kelli's tits out of her negligee to suck them and play with them. She squeezes her boobs together and massages his cock between them. Kelli then removes her nightie completely and gets on her back for a tit-fuck. For her first fuck, Kelli gets on her hands and knees. Largo peels off her little panties, rubs her pretty pussy, slides his beef in all the way and begins pumping. Kelli matches his thrusts with her hips. "So tight," Juan says. Kelli climbs on top. They switch speeds, from slow to fast and then slow again. Kelli gets on her back for a face-to-face. More hot positions await after this. Seeing Kelli get fucked every which way, her big, heavy HH-cup flesh torpedoes jiggling and shaking with every thrust, is an amazing sight.

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