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Beautiful Sofia Deluxe Pets the Pussycat


Gorgeous Sofia Deluxe wanted to know if we liked her animal print skirt and her top. There was a delay in replying because we froze like statues when Sofia was ready for the shoot and walked into the room. "I wear low-cut blouses because I like to attract attention with my breasts," Sofia said. "They get 100% of the attention and I like it. I do not always wear a bra. It depends on the blouse." Sofia would attract lots of attention even if she didn't have big juicy boobs because she's so pretty and her curvy, soft body is a work of art. Sofia bounces her huge breasts in her bra before she takes them out to juggle and rub. After her boob play, Sofia rubs her pussy through her white panties. They ride up inside her pussy as she rubs. she turns around and lowers her panties to the floor. Bending forward, she gives us a hot view of her pussy and bootyhole. Sofia pulls her butt cheeks apart several times and turns around to play with her large, firm tits some more. When she begins masturbating, the squish-squish sound of her fingers going in and out of her wet hole is like pussy music.

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