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Bea York: Meet Your New Girlfriend


Lovely Bea York calls out to Nicky Rebel, asking him what outfit to wear to the restaurant. Nicky is lying in bed and absorbed in a TV show he's watching and doesn't care or even look at her. Then he looks up and sees Bea in her body-clinging lingerie and immediately loses his mind. Taking Bea's big boobs out of her bra, Nicky clamps a lip-lock on her perky nipples and sucks them hard. Taking off his clothes faster than an escape artist, Nicky points his boner in Bea's direction. She's eager to suck his pole and lick the balls. He takes off the rest of her lingerie, leaving her in heels, and fingers-bangs Bea, then tongue-lashes her shaved pussy. Bea removes her shoes and lowers her juicy, thick body on Nicky's dick. Her breasts fly up and down as she bounces on his cock. Turning around, Bea faces him and puts his cock back inside her. She's eager to continue their smashing. It looks like their dinner plans are on hold because they'd rather fuck doggie-style and in missionary than go out to eat. When you've got a hot girl like Bea York in the bedroom, fucking always comes first.

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