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Andi Peacock is Ready for a Day at the Beach


Andi Peacock will never get to that beach. She's tried this before and it led to Andi and Nicky Rebel skipping the beach to fuck and suck. Andi tries again. She's brought her swim noodle and towel. From the look of that mesh see-through outfit, Andi looks like she's ready for Haulover, a nude beach in Miami. When Andi walks into the bedroom where Nicky is relaxing, she's charged up for a day of sun and fun. What she'll get is cock and a load of cum. As soon as he sees her big mommy tits and juicy, hot mommy bod, his boner takes over his brain and he has to fill her mommy mouth and mommy pussy. At least they won't get sunburned. Andi admires a man who can give her the pleasure she loves and can make her toes curl when she cums hard. And she prides herself on maximum delivering pleasure in return. "I actually really enjoy giving blowjobs so they are always more than a minute," Andi said. "I softly touch and caress and take my time enjoying his cock. I'll start kissing his cock softly and then start licking a little. I learned from watching porn and using a dildo. After my first swinger couple experience, I was informed I sucked at it. After finding that out, I taught myself. I even went to a blowjob class and I was already better than most of the girls there."

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