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A Caramel Bombshell


Liza Biggs proves that some blessings are also a curse. Ponder the mountain of tit flesh she has on her chest. They're a gift of course, because well, look at them! They're JJJ-cups! They're soft and heavy but still manage to be perky. But you're probably wondering how these fun bags could ever be a curse. Well, because no red blooded man could ever take his eyes off of them. And when you have as pretty a face as Liza does, that combo spells trouble...hard times for the male populace. "I was distracted," our videographer says as our scene opens with the camera affixed on her tits. "I was looking at something. You look very classic bombshell at the moment." Even decked out in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress, we just can't take our eyes off of those massive mams. One of Marilyn's many nicknames was "The Blonde Bombshell." We think Liza is worthy of taking on the moniker "caramel bombshell." What do you think? With seemingly endless curves, a bright smile and perfect tits, it's fitting. Too bad Liza is not standing over a subway grating. Liza's had quite the time with us so far, and she's getting a kick out of recounting her experiences in our hallowed hall of hooters. And we're just getting a kick out of staring at her tits. Liza reveals her new catchphrase, "Check it out?" Check what out? Those glorious boobs of course. Pleasant, friendly conversation doesn't last for long when Liza is around. She's a horny girl who can't get enough of getting off. So the time for idle chit-chat is done and we're taking a tour of her body as she teases and tugs on her tits and rubs on her clit. Liza caresses her boobs while stroking her clit, and she look absolutely delicious as she pushes herself closer and closer to an orgasm. Her tits quiver and tremble when she finally cums, which makes us think we should take back what we said earlier. When you're built like Liza, there are no curses. Caramel bombshells only have bountiful blessings.

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